Secession News /secessionnews Secession News - Secession Information Wed, 01 Feb 2017 17:03:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 California shouldn’t secede from the US but should consider a divide in two /secessionnews/2017-02-01-california-shouldnt-secede-from-the-us-but-should-consider-a-divide-in-two.html /secessionnews/2017-02-01-california-shouldnt-secede-from-the-us-but-should-consider-a-divide-in-two.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Los Angeles — Liberals used to hate secession, the notion that states could leave the Union as they did before the Civil War because they didn’t agree with the policies of the federal government. But with Donald Trump’s election, many California liberals suddenly have warm words for a budding ballot initiative that has just begun collecting signatures in order to place secession, or “Calexit,” on the ballot.

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At the height of the tea-party movement, Texas governor Rick Perry merely hinted at the thought that Texas might react to President Obama’s executive overreach by reclaiming its one-time status as an independent republic. He was denounced as something akin to a traitor; critics lamented that he wanted to return Texas to the era of sharecroppers or Jim Crow. Now Dan Schnur, who teaches political communications at the University of Southern California, says “California is the new Texas,” with its elected officials promoting a “virtual secession.” The secessionists plan to take to the legislature, the courts, and the streets to resist Trump’s agenda. Never before have so many prominent Californians gotten into such a reactionary, defensive crouch.

Some of their rhetoric resembles that of the “massive resistance” movement in the 1950s South, which vowed to fight federal intrusion into the right of states to run their own discriminatory elections, segregate public schools, and ignore federal law enforcement. Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon has warned Trump that he better not dare to go after any of the state’s estimated 2 million illegal immigrants: “If you want to get to them, you have to go through us.” Governor Jerry Brown vows to block any attempt to divert California from its radical plan to limit carbon emissions: “We’ve got the scientists. We’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight.” State attorney general Xavier Bacerra says one of his top priorities is the “resistance” against Washington’s deportation of illegal immigrants, even to the point of paying their legal fees to fight the federales.

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The one simple message every crybaby snowflake needs to hear: NO, you are not special by default /secessionnews/2017-01-31-the-message-every-crybaby-snowflake-needs-to-hear-no-you-are-not-special-by-default.html /secessionnews/2017-01-31-the-message-every-crybaby-snowflake-needs-to-hear-no-you-are-not-special-by-default.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Every mature person in America is fed up with all the “snowflake” crybullies, whiners and “faux outrage” activists screaming and protesting on cue with blind obedience.

So today, I’ve released a message that every “snowflake” needs to hear:

NO, you are not special by default. You are not remarkable simply for existing. There’s nothing whatsoever that makes you unique when you obediently believe everything the unhinged “consensus” tells you to believe.

Conformity is not diversity. Hatred is not tolerance. Consensus is not fact. (See meme graphic below.)

And no, you are not special by default, and there is nothing between your legs that’s special, either. You’re just the same as everyone else until you start to achieve something worth celebrating by rejecting the mindless obedience of the status quo and start thinking for yourself.

It’s time to tell all the snowflakes how incredibly misguided, intolerant, bigoted and pathetic they really are

In today’s podcast, I explain all this to the “snowflake” who have been brainwashed into thinking that conformity is diversity, and that being “special” means mind-melding with the collectivist hive to think, speak and talk just like everyone else. The most important message these snowflakes need to hear is “NO! You are not unique, you are not special, you are not remarkable and you are not valuable to any free society until you learn to think for yourself.”

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Donald Trump the last President of these “United” States? America may fracture and descend into civil war /secessionnews/2017-01-31-donald-trump-the-last-president-united-states-america-will-descend-into-civil-war.html /secessionnews/2017-01-31-donald-trump-the-last-president-united-states-america-will-descend-into-civil-war.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Due in large part to the incessant lying and deliberate false reporting of the “fakestream” media, the United States of America is now precariously close to descending into armed revolt and a new civil war.

While President Trump is doing exactly what’s needed to protect America, root out the deep corruption of the bureaucracy and battle the incessant “fake news” lies of the media, the left-wing propagandists (who script every significant story in the mainstream media) have a sufficient number of blindly obedient followers to drive the nation into social chaos. (That’s their goal.)

Not only are the radical left-wingers attempting to subvert the Republic and foment a communist uprising to overthrow the legitimate U.S. government; they’re also hoping to murder as many whites as possible in the process. As revealed in this shocking Daily Caller article, a Black Lives Matter activist trained as a social justice warrior is now openly calling for the mass murder of whites. “We need to start killing people,” she says with a megaphone while wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. “First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die…” she continues, perfectly parroting the scripts taught to her by SJW front groups funded by George Soros.

She wraps it all up with a demand to take all the property and belongings of whites, just like the Nazis did to Jewish prisoners: “White people, give your f#cking money, your f#cking house, your f#cking property, we need it f#cking all…” while another crowd member screams, “Reparations!”

In my podcast exploring the extreme divide in America, I explain why continued escalation of hatred and violence by the “journo-terrorism” mainstream media may thrust America into kinetic violence where the explosion of unruly left-wing rioters leads to a Trump-ordered Martial Law and National Guard crackdown on the mindless mobs. This, in turn, will very likely accelerate the collapse of peaceful society.

Coincidentally, I am on the record predicting this exact outcome, telling Natural News readers in this January 3, 2017 article:

Even more astonishingly, realize that even you will beg for martial law because the violence, looting and social chaos being pursued by the lawless left will be so outrageously out of control that you’ll gladly give up more liberty in exchange for the promise of security.

Now, in a more up-to-date podcast, I give you the latest analysis that points toward mass social unrest and Martial Law in America’s near-term future. To stop all this, by the way, President Trump could declare a national emergency and halt the divisive propaganda of the left-wing media by decree, with a phased return to a free press after the communist subversives have been arrested and imprisoned. (This is precisely what former KGB propagandist Yuri Bezmenov says a free nation must do to reverse cultural subversion by communists.)

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Madonna perfectly encapsulates the derangement and vulgarity of the Alt-Left: “Suck a d#ck” and “Blow up the White House” /secessionnews/2017-01-25-madonna-perfectly-encapsulates-the-derangement-and-vulgarity-of-the-alt-left-suck-a-dck-and-blow-up-the-white-house.html /secessionnews/2017-01-25-madonna-perfectly-encapsulates-the-derangement-and-vulgarity-of-the-alt-left-suck-a-dck-and-blow-up-the-white-house.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Madonna has not been relevant in the entertainment industry in decades, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to maintain her spot in the limelight. Instead of making art and music that people actually care to listen to, the 58-year-old pop star has decided to become a spokesperson for the Regressive Left. If you thought that most of her records were annoying, then you haven’t heard anything until you listen to the speech she gave at the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

At the event, Madonna expressed her disdain for President Trump, stating, “I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House … But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

The event drew people from all over the United States to the capital, where women — and men — expressed their concern over issues that they believe President Trump will not be addressing. While these marches took place all over the United States in every major city and region, the “official” march took place in Washington D.C. Some of those attending seemed to be concerned with women’s health while others, like Madonna, were just screaming vulgarities for shock value.

NBC 4 Washington reports, “The Washington, D.C., event was the largest of more than 600 ‘sister marches’ planned across the country and around the world. Organizers estimated 3 million people would march worldwide, and city centers across the U.S. were flooded with people in rallies that lasted for hours.” Despite the fact that it had a massive turnout, it didn’t appear as though the event was particularly well organized when it came to what those attending were actually protesting.

(RELATED: For more examples of mainstream media bias, visit

While most protests are organized in order to express discontent with a particular idea or policy, the Women’s March seemed to happen for the sole purpose of protesting. Though those protesting certainly have every right to have been (per the First Amendment of the United States Constitution), one has to wonder why they didn’t plan it out better in regards to getting their point across. Everyone in the country now knows that they are all upset with the current state of affairs, but none of us know what they are specifically upset about.

This oversight made the Women’s March virtually pointless in the grand scheme of the political spectrum. It had a lot of people talking for one day and then everyone moved on once they realized that there was nothing to talk about aside from the large number of people protesting.

Some have claimed that Trump is trying to “take away women’s rights,” but they cannot ever seem to provide exact examples of what rights those are, nor evidence to back up these claims. It’s all rhetoric pushed by the Regressive Left because they cannot accept the fact that the American people decided to elect Donald Trump. Then, after months and months of telling everyone that the world was going to end should he take office, the world didn’t end at all and the leftists panicked. Now they have to convince us all that Donald Trump is an evil monster who is trying to kill us all or else they look like the dramatic crybabies that they are.

While Madonna may be the most outspoken, there are a lot of celebrities like her that have completely lost their marbles and will continue to act completely inappropriately until we start pointing out their hypocrisy. So let’s get started, shall we? Stay up to date on more news about unhinged celebrities at the Celebrity Reputation website.


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